What People Say

"I'd like to share something about my friend and colleague with you...I've known Gill for around 15 years or more. For anyone considering therapy... The thing I like about Gill is her gentle and attentive nature. And, she also has a silent strength. Gill is sensitive enough to really listen, and strong enough to help someone through emotional turmoil. I would say that Gill is a genuine person, with a good degree of creativity. Gill worked closely for many years with the late psychotherapist and trainer Wilfred Proudfoot. She gained more experience in NLP and clinical hypnotherapy than most. If I were a client, I would certainly consider visiting her. I would also recommend her professionalism and expertise to anyone considering therapy. Gillian Elders is an asset to the field of hypnotherapy and NLP."


"I have been coming to Gill now for quite some time for my weight problem. I have been to several other hypnotists which have not worked out, Gill has a fantastic range of different techniques that have not been offered to me in the past, which have worked amazingly well, she is fantastic at her job and would recommend her, she has a lovely calming personality and has all the qualities that make a good hypnotist."


"What a difference this therapy has made. After each session I felt like a new woman. Relaxed & stronger, & able to be more in control of my feelings. This has helped me in my depression, hugely."


"I have had 3 sessions with Gill. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the session. I had hypnotherapy to help with my weight. Especially snacking, I can say that my snacking stopped by 90%, since the start of my sessions."

Lesley B

"For several years, I had suffered from a form of claustrophobia that was becoming increasingly problematic, leading to an irrational panic which was beginning to spiral out of control. Naturally this was having an incredibly limiting effect on my life, both personal and in the workplace. In desperation I considered hypnotherapy, something of which I knew very little beyond what I had seen on TV – in fact it quickly became apparent how little I did know!

Gill taught me a great deal about the mind and the processes of thoughts. From these foundations we were then able to develop strategies that I could use to combat such irrational fears. This has proved overwhelmingly successful and my confidence level has soared accordingly. Gill's hypnotherapy has, without doubt, been greatly beneficial to me."


"I went to see Gill pre a cataract operation because I am terrified of injections and operations under local anesthetic. In fact I am inclined to grab doctors and dentists wrists in sheer terror! After a session with Gill I found myself smiling at people whilst lying on the trolley waiting to go in, and having a light hearted chat with the surgeon! No fear at all at any stage of the process."

Lesley S

"Gillian is amazing. Helped me years ago and showed me techniques to clear my head!! Fantastic, give her a go, well worth it."


"Very professional, felt very relaxed, I would highly recommend to anyone. 5 Star service"


"I went to see Gill because for years I have had a phobia with heights and anything height related. This was starting to have an effect on my relationship with my husband because we couldn't do lots of things he would have liked to have done because of me. As I was really ready to receive help to change after one session with Gill I can now go up and down in a glass lift and drive on road with high drops on each side. This has totally liberated me and I am really grateful to Gill for all her help and understanding."